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Pro website design for the scrap metal industry.

Chances are you have a website you are unhappy with and definitely paid too much for. It was probably also designed by a “general” web designer with absolutely no understanding of the scrap industry. Well, that all ends today. Let Scrap Metal Web produce you a world-class website that looks great on a computer screen as well as a mobile device. A website that makes sense for your business and clearly speaks your message to the world. A website designed by folks who know what the heck 6062 is.

Search engine optimization (seo).

It’s one thing to have a great looking website. It’s quite another to have a web presence that drives traffic to your site which drives traffic to your yard. With scrap metal web, we know SEO. Let us work to boost your ranking without paying out the back door for expensive advertisement. Using site structure, keyword research, social media, analytics and premium SEO plugins, we will make you a believer in the power of digital optimization.


Forward thinking industry professionals